Video: Peter Jacobsen does a pretty darn good Jason Dufner impression

Peter Jacobsen is the king of golf impressions. Anytime he's at a clinic or outing, he will pull out some of his favorite golfers to mimic and it leaves the entire crowd on their knees (his Arnold Palmer is stuff of legends). 

But I never knew Jacobsen could nail current golfers like he did with this above impersonation of Jason Dufner. As we all know, Dufner had a breakout season in 2012, winning twice and coming in second alone at another event after nearly taking home the 2011 PGA Championship. He's going to be on his first Ryder Cup team in late September but maybe his best honor is getting the Jacobsen treatment.

Honestly, that's pretty good stuff. The lipper, the flat-billed hat, and the lazy, nonchalant approach to the golf ball. 

Note to all young golfers; if Peter Jacobsen is ever joking about your golf swing, and doing it at one of his events, you've made it. 

h/t SB Nation

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