Dell Demps had a good Wednesday. (Getty Images)

The 2012 NBA Draft Lottery held Wednesday night seemed like it was going to be short on drama. Going chalk through the first 10 picks, things started to switch up with the fourth pick. With the Cavaliers slipping to the fourth spot, the Hornets moved up to the top overall pick as the Bobcats and Wizards slipped down.

As the order for the 2012 NBA Draft is now set, we look at the winners and losers from the NBA Draft Lottery:


New Orleans Hornets

Crawl through a river of ... mud and come out clean on the other side. Six months after having to trade Chris Paul to the Clippers, the Hornets get karmic retribution as they land their next franchise player. And it's a perfect fit. Anthony Davis will flourish under Monty Williams, whose tough, defensive approach will mesh perfectly with the freakazoid shot blocker. He'll have a veteran point guard in Jarrett Jack to play with and will form one of the best defensive forces down low with Emeka Okafor, should the Hornets elect to keep him.

Golden State Warriors

Saved by chalk. The Warriors needed no one behind them to jump them in order to keep their pick with the Jazz receiving it if they landed at No. 8 or higher. With the lottery going chalk all the way till the 4th pick, the Warriors wind up keeping their selection. They didn't land in the top three, but just keeping it is of serious value for a team trying to reconstruct itself.

Portland Trail Blazers

The Nets would have kept their pick had it landed in the top three. Without that, the Blazers pick up two picks in the top 11. The Blazers can remake their team on the cheap and bring in young players to excite the fan base. Don't rule out a trade of both picks to move up, either, once the GM situation gets settled.


Charlotte Bobcats

Oh, Bobcats. Once again, the team that has the best chance of getting the top pick does not get the top pick, and the Bobcats badly needed Davis. He's the type of game changer that puts a franchise far in the future. Charlotte wasn't the best fit for Davis, already having Bismack Biyombo and without a quality point guard to work with. But they needed him. Badly. Now they face Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, a player that could struggle offensively without a strong surrounding core, or Bradley Beal, how may be a reach at the No.2 spot.

Nothing seems to work out for this franchise.

New Jersey Nets

Not only did they not get the No. 1 pick, but they lost theirs to Portland. The Nets felt that no pick outside of the top three was worth it, supposedly, so they traded it for Gerald Wallace. Wallace has an opt-out for unrestricted free agency in the summer and hasn't decided what he'll do. The Nets could get him back and try and build with him. Or they could lose both he and the pick they had. The best-case scenario was the unlikely scenario of landing top three. The Nets were bad and yet not bad enough.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Falling out of the top three always hurts. It also puts them in an awkward drafting position, facing best player in Thomas Robinson or Andre Drummond conceivably, either one causes complications of their own, and in tandem with last year's pick Tristan Thompson. It's not a terrible situation but a land in the top three would have set them up nicely for the future. Either Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, or Bradley Beal would fit well with Kyrie Irving. Instead Chris Grant will likely have to get inventive.