Crowd reactions to the monster DeAndre Jordan dunk

This picture post-dunk says it all. (Getty Images)
This picture post-dunk says it all. (Getty Images)

We've gone over Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan's dunk over Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Knight from pretty much every angle there is. We've seen all the replays. We've seen the reactions from players around the NBA. We've seen the reaction from Knight himself.

You can even vote on it on the CBS DUNK-O-METER and compare it to other top dunks.

But we need to go over one more thing: the awesomeness of the photo above. Click this link to see a blown-up version of the photo. There is a lot going on here, and before we lay the lob to rest once and for all, I'd like to break down the reactions of people in this photo. Click on the photos below to see full-sized versions of them.

1. This guy is amazing. He is screaming with his entire body right now, and there doesn't           seem to be much control over it. I went skydiving once, and after we jumped from the           plane I unleashed this unbelievable scream that I didn't know I had in me. It was just a           complete release of all the emotion and angst I had from the ordeal. I would imagine this is     what that guy is doing. He's just letting it all fly with this scream. He's my early lead for         favorite reaction.

2. This guy is flat-out howling into the night. No need to look at the carnage on the floor.           Just howl like a wolf.

3. Either this guy refuses to put his cellphone down while he reacts to the dunk or he                 can't move the left side of his body and can only react this way.

4. I'm 90 percent sure this is Boris the Blade from the movie Snatch, and if                              you can get Boris the Bulletdodger to throw his hands up in jubilation, you've done an          incredible dunk. 5.Assistant trainer Joe Resendez seems to be glad he's not the one who        has to check on Knight.      

1. Greg Monroe is doing the math in his head right now of how bad of a teammate will he end up being if he reacts to this play the way he wants to react.

2.This guy wanted to make sure he blocked all of the light from above so he can truly experience the darkness and gravity of this situation.

3.The guy covering his mouth might be legitimately worried that he just witnessed a murder.

4.Charlie Villanueva is nonplussed, as per usual.

5.Two years ago, Sacramento Kings guard Tyreke Evans hit a halfcourt shot to beat the Memphis Grizzlies. I was in the upper level press section of Arco Arena when it happened and saw the shot coming toward our end as he released it. It was one of those moments in which you didn't think it had a chance, but it kept getting closer and closer to the rim. It was unprofessional, but when he hit it, I didn't know what to do other than throw my hands in the air like this guy did. Sometimes, that's all you need to do.

6.This guy is doing the handclasp "Bravo!" movement with his arms. I've never seen that happen at a basketball game. I've only seen it in cartoons and when I went to see a stage production of Les Mis

1.I'm pretty sure Eric Bledsoe feels physically ill right now.

2.Sometimes you unfairly judge a book by its cover and wonder if people appreciate the amazing seats they get at games like this. This girl is someone who definitely appreciates her view of the dunk.

3.This guy's reaction was to do the Cabbage Patch. I can't zoom in close enough to see if it's Juwan Howard.

4.Ryan Hollins has YouTube search pages littered with him dunking on people, and he can't believe what he just saw.

5.Blake Griffin is running away from the scene of the crime.

6.These two guys missed all of the action because they're discussing their upcoming fantasy baseball draft.

7.Seriously, this guy is screaming with his entire body. He's still the best reaction out of them all.

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