Glen Davis kicked off Clippers' bench

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Well, they don't call him Big Baby for nothing.

Via ESPN LA, Glen Davis was sent to the Clippers locker room during the second quarter of Saturday's 118-107 win over the Rockets after a confrontation on the bench. 

Davis exchanged words with Rivers and was told to sit down. Clippers assistant coach Alvin Gentry attempted to talk to Davis, but Rivers apparently had seen and heard enough and told team security to escort Davis back to the locker room.

"Nothing went on with me," Rivers said after the game. "I thought Baby was just too emotional, and for me, if you're too emotional I always send you back to the locker room and keep you back there until the next game. I love Baby. I just didn't think emotionally he was ready to play tonight, so we told him to go to the locker room."

Davis, who signed with the Clippers in late February after being waived by the Magic, has a relationship with Rivers who coached him in Boston. Davis is known as an emotional player, and despite previous confrontations and meltdowns, Rivers never sent him to the locker room before. 

"No, I haven't, but I've talked about emotional hijacks," Rivers told reporters. "If you have one, I'll send you back. We've talked about that as a group. I didn't make a big deal, didn't address it halftime and it's not a big deal. We needed him tonight, but he wasn't here emotionally, so you tell him to go and sit."

Asked about the potential of further disciplinary action, Rivers said this was just a one game thing. 

"No, we're not going to get into the whole Baby thing; this has not been building," Rivers said. "He was emotional tonight, and we told him to go sit down. I just thought he was a distraction, and when guys are a distraction, I don't think they should be on the bench. If you're a distraction for anybody on the bench that should be paying attention to the game, then go sit in the back so our guys can watch the game."

With Blake Griffin already out because of back spasms, the Clippers went on to win in Houston regardless behind 30 and 11 assists from Chris Paul and 20 from DeAndre Jordan

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