LeBron James mocks his 2011 Finals failures on Twitter

LeBron James can laugh at his past failures. (USATSI)
LeBron James can laugh at his past failures. (USATSI)

Nearly three year ago, LeBron James hit the low-point of his career. That it came after the NBA Finals kind of shows you what level he's playing on. James had lost the NBA Finals on his home floor to the Mavericks, having a disappointing and uninspiring performance that lead many to question his heart, commitment, and ability. After the game, he lashed out, talking about how the critics had to go back to their lives the next day. He was pretty much the most hated individual in sports there for a little while. 

But time heals all wounds, and on Saturday night, James was answering Twitter questions. Someone said they needed to get their kid to sleep. James responded: 

Boom! Self-roasted. 

It's all fun and games now that James has won two more MVPs, two championships, and two Finals MVPs. But it's also an insight into how James understands how he failed. He doesn't deny it, he doesn't make excuses. He knows how bad that moment was for him, he learned from it, and is able to laugh at himself.

That's pretty cool. 

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