NBA Draft 2019: Undrafted underclassmen should be allowed to return to college

The 2019 NBA Draft is already home to a number of hopeful stories, from Zion Williamson going No. 1 to the remade New Orleans Pelicans to Coby White absolutely lavishing former UNC teammate Cameron Johnson going just a few picks after him.

But there's one thing that could make for a lot more hopeful stories on draft day, according to Danny Kanell.

New rules regarding undrafted underclassmen.

The NCAA currently allows underclassmen who declare for the NBA draft to return to school if they rescind their declaration by late May, a deadline that used to be further out from the actual draft. But Kanell thinks there shouldn't be any restrictions at all.

"You know what would be a better opportunity and a better option for college basketball as a whole?" he said on Friday's "Kanell & Bell" podcast. "Why not let 'em go back to college? Because then you could let all 175 who declared, let them all enter the draft, let them all see if they get drafted, and if they don't, let 'em go back to school. It's a win-win for everybody."

Kanell suggests a restriction-free process would not only prevent countless prospects from having to hit the road and entertain hectic moves across other leagues but benefit college basketball programs whose best talent can't immediately find a home in the NBA.

"All these colleges, the college coaches, the college programs, would take them back," he said. "Baseball does it. Baseball always has the best solution for the amateur status, the draft process."

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