Random dude announces eligibility for NBA draft 'after a few drinks'

So on Reddit, this guy claims that he "had a few drinks" and, on a lark after talking to another Reddit user, sent the NBA a letter declaring his eligibility for the draft next month. 

OK, fine. Drunk bro sends NBA letter, because he "averaged 15 his senior year," which is awesome for him. Except that the NBA has policies. And if you declare your eligibility, they get back to you to let you know whether you are or are not in the draft pool. This guy's obviously not. But check out the letter, via Reddit: 

The hand-written signature is my favorite part of this. Andy Taub had to sign this letter for Random Guy on the Internet who had a few G&T's and got loaded, then decided to declare for the draft.

That said, could this guy play for the Bobcats? And, by play, I mean start? I mean, he did average 15 ...

HT: Business Insider

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