VIDEO: Knicks do it again, J.R. Smith pulls a 'Bargnani' on bad shot

Not too long ago, Andrea Bargnani seemed to make one of the biggest gaffes in a long time by taking a quick shot with the New York Knicks up two points and the shot clock turned off. Instead of being fouled and putting the game out of reach with a couple of free throws, Bargnani fired up the errant shot and gave the Bucks life to extend the game to overtime.

Friday night, the Knicks were at it again. After an offensive rebound by Tyson Chandler with under 24 seconds left in the game and the scored tied at 100, he passed it out to Beno Udrih, who passed it to JR Smith at the top of the key to reset the offense and give the Knicks presumably the final shot of regulation and possibly the game. Instead of resetting the offense, Smith did exactly what you'd expect Smith to do; he took the open 3-pointer.

It would have possibly worked out if he had made the shot but this is the Knicks in the 2013-14 season. That's not how things go. He missed the shot, the Rockets got the rebound, and went on to win 102-100. There are two schools of thought here:

First, it's possible this is just a strategy for the Knicks that Mike Woodson has secretly implemented into the gameplan because he's trying to get fired. Maybe he's only told Bargnani and Smith because he knows they'll happily make the play.

Second, this is all Tyson Chandler's fault. He's the one that has been getting the ball out to other players for these shots after big rebounds. If he'd just grab the ball and hold it for the final shot himself, this could all be avoided. Thank you, Knicks. 

(Video via @cjzero)

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