VIDEO: Lakers' Dwight Howard ejected against Raptors

The trouble with picking up a first technical foul is you can get roped into picking up a second technical foul when you get tied up with the 10th man on the other team after a free throw.

That's what happened to Dwight Howard in the Sunday matinee between the Los Angeles Lakers and Toronto Raptors. Howard picked up one technical 7:17 into the game after he missed a shot inside. After a second quarter free throw attempt by Metta World Peace, Dwight got tangled up with Alan Anderson, exchanged some words, and that was enough for him to receive a second technical and be ejected from the game.

It doesn't look like much on the replay, but the Raptors suckered Dwight into doing "enough" to "warrant" a second technical for the game.

The Lakers were down 48-44 when their center was ejected.

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