With the 33rd overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, acquired by trade with the Browns on Thursday, the Packers select defensive back Kevin King out of Washington.

33. Green Bay Packers

Pete Prisco's Grade: A+

"Love this kid. Love this pick. Smart move by Ted Thompson. King is a hell of a corner."

Instant analysis 

The Packers certainly don't need that much more talent on offense considering they already have Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, and Martellus Bennett. On the other hand, they're in need of some help on defense, which has easily been the team's weak point in recent years. So, it makes sense then that Packers shored up their secondary with their first pick in the draft, which they acquired in a trade out of the first round on Thursday.

Kevin King can play either cornerback or safety at the next level. He began his career at Washington as a safety in his first two seasons, but transitioned to cornerback for his last two seasons. As a safety, he notched just one pick, but he saw that number grow to five as a cornerback in 2015 and 2016. Impressively, he racked up 13 passes defended this past season. According to NFL.com, he surrendered one touchdown over his last 101 targets. He boasts the kind of size (6-foot-3) that teams love. 

NFL comparison

Damian Swann: According to NFL.com, he compares to the Saints' Swann. The point being, don't expect King to be Richard Sherman, but he has the potential to grow into a valuable contributor. And it's worth noting that his ability to play safety and cornerback should help him transition to the NFL.