Even Harry Potter thinks the NFL has a double-standard discipline problem

'Harry Potter' star Daniel Radcliffe brings up NFL's oft-debated disciplinary policies. Getty Images

Harry Potter is to Daniel Radcliffe as Lord Voldemort is to ... Roger Goodell?

The NFL is hours away from kicking off its anticipated divisional round of playoffs, but that didn't stop Radcliffe, the 28-year-old made famous for his titular role in the "Harry Potter" series, from throwing some shade at the league's discipline policy on Friday.

As documented in an Entertainment Weekly feature by James Hibberd and Dan Snierson, Radcliffe couldn't help but name-drop the NFL when addressing Warner Bros.' debated decision to cast Johnny Depp in the upcoming "Potter" spin-off "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald." Depp has been the subject of controversy in the wake of domestic abuse allegations, and Radcliffe expressed his mixed feelings on Depp's casting while comparing it to double standards in the NFL.

"This is a weird analogy to draw -- (but) in the NFL, there are lots of players arrested for smoking weed," Radcliffe told EW, "and there is other people's behavior that goes way beyond that, and it's tolerated because they're very famous players."

It may not have been a perfect analogy, seeing as though the NFL just spent 2017 diligently enforcing a suspension of the Dallas Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott, who led the league in rushing the previous season and was accused but not convicted of domestic violence. But there's no secret as to the public opinion on commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL's disciplinary team, which has gotten flak over the years for overlooking or underplaying some incidents, like an on-field brawl or other domestic abuse cases, and yet dropping the hammer on repeated substance abusers like Josh Gordon.

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