After watching their week get off to a rough start, things are starting to look up for the Browns

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced on Wednesday that Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon has been granted a conditional reinstatement. Gordon had been out of the league since he was hit with a one-year suspension back in February 2015.

Goodell finally the decision to reinstate Gordon after meeting with him in New York on Wednesday. 

"As emphasized at today's meeting, everyone -- including Josh's teammates and coaches, the Browns' ownership and organization, the Program professionals and all of us at the league office -- want him to have every opportunity to resume his career and to be successful in the NFL," Goodell said in a statement. "Whether that happens, however, at the end of the day will depend on Josh. His commitment to sobriety and to reaching his goals in football and beyond will determine his success. It ultimately is up to Josh."

Due to the conditional nature of the reinstatement, Gordon won't be able to play in a game just yet. As of Nov. 1, Gordon will be allowed to attend meetings, engage in conditioning work and individual workouts. As long as Gordon stays clean, he'll be allowed to practice with the Browns starting on Nov. 20. 

At that point, Gordon will be placed on the Commissioner's Exempt list, which means he won't take up a roster spot as the Browns try and decide what to do with him. On Nov. 27, Gordon will be eligible to be placed on the Browns' active roster, which means he could potentially play in Week 13 against the Chargers

As of Nov. 27, the Browns will have one week to decide if they want to activate him, meaning he can be kept on the Commissioner's Exempt list until Dec. 4. 

Although Gordon has been working out, it's not clear what kind of football shape he's going to be in after missing two and a half seasons and if he should be on the radar for fantasy owners. Gordon hasn't played in a game since December 2014. However, when he was eligible, he was one of the most talented players in the NFL. 

Gordon led the league in receiving yards in 2013 despite the fact that he only played in 14 games. The big problem for Gordon though is that he hasn't been able to stay eligble. 

The year-long suspension handed out in February 2015 was the third one of Gordon's career. The Browns receiver was also suspended for two games in 2013 and 11 games in 2014. The 2014 suspension combined a 10-game punishment from the NFL, and a one-game punishment from the Browns.

Gordon had a chance to get reinstated in March of 2016, but that fell through when he turned in a diluted sample on a drug test, which is the same as failed test in the eyes of the NFL.

After Gordon was hit with the year-long suspension, the Browns basically moved on from him. During the 2016 NFL Draft, the team selected a total of four receivers.