LOOK: Aaron Rodgers disappeared into a tiny little tent on the sideline

Weird things happen on NFL sidelines. Aaron Rodgers disappearing into a tiny little tent during "Monday Night Football" certainly counts in that regard.

Yes, one of the five most famous quarterbacks in the world is capable of simply hiding in the middle of a game, thanks to the small shelter -- bigger than Rodgers apartment in Green Bay according to Jon Gruden -- erected on the sideline.

"It's a tent-like contraption over here on the Green Bay sideline," Lisa Salters reported. "I'm not sure what's going on in there, if he's receiving treatment, if he's using the bathroom ... "

via NFL Broadcast

Salters is not alone, with everyone demanding answers as to Rodgers whereabouts and even more offering suggestions as to what might have happened.

Leave it to former Packers player A.J. Hawk to offer a reasonable suggestion.

It's borderline miraculous you can get more privacy on the sideline of a nationally-televised football game than you can at home with a 3-year old.

The injury thing actually makes more sense though, because Salters later reported that Rodgers had some sort of padding around his hamstring. It's entirely possible he was having something added underneath his pants, making the decision to change in a safe-for-work way much wiser.

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