LOOK: Raiders backup kicker gets destroyed while practicing with D-line

For the most part, being a kicker at an NFL practice during training camp is pretty boring. Basically, there's a lot of standing around, and there's also a lot of doing nothing. 

At some point this month, Raiders kicker Giorgio Tavecchio got tired of doing nothing, so he volunteered to take part in some other drills. Now, for a kicker, the safest non-kicking drill to participate in would probably be helping a quarterback warm up by catching his passes. However, that's not what Tavecchio did. 

Apparently, Tavcecchio wants to make his own "Death Wish" sequel because he went up to Raiders defensive line coach Jethro Franklin and said that he wanted to help out with D-line drills

"My spirit animal is a defensive lineman. I am just not built like one,' Tavecchio told Franklin, as relayed by the San Francisco Chronicle

When Tavecchio says he's not built like a defensive lineman, that might be the understatement of the year. The Raiders kicker is very generously listed on the team's roster at 5-10 and 182 pounds. 

So what happens when you throw a kicker into defensive line drills? 

They get rocked. 

The best part of the picture above is that there are field goal posts in the background. THAT'S WHERE YOU SHOULD BE GIORGIO!

"He told me in his next life he is going to be a defensive lineman," Franklin said, via the Chronicle. "He is a great kid. Great attitude. So we let him get in there every now and then and mix it up. Tough kid."

This is the third straight year that Tavecchio has been in camp with the Raiders, and it sounds like if he returns to camp next year, we can count him him volunteering himself up as a tribute again. 

"I am a big team guy. I want to be part of the team and contribute," Tavecchio said. "Kickers don't get that many chances. So I was thinking, these poor bastards [the defensive players] are running around for the past week and a half with nobody to hit. … The least I can do is give them a few shots, maybe cheer them up."

Here's one more look at Tavecchio getting rocked

If Roberto Aguayo can't find a job as a kicker, he might want to take a page out of Tavecchio's playbook and sign with someone to be a tackling dummy. 

As for Tavecchio, we'll find out on Saturday night if his leg still works when the Raiders kick off their preseason with a game in Arizona. 

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