The NFL's 32 owners are expected to vote on a proposal this week that could lead to more diversity at the head coaching and general manager levels around the league. 

CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora has reported that owners are planning to vote Tuesday on a proposal that would reward any team that loses a minority coach or executive to another team, but only if that person is hired as the other team's head coach or general manager. Under the proposal, which was created by the NFL's workplace diversity committee, any team losing a minority to another team to fill one of those two positions would be rewarded with two compensatory draft picks. The two picks would come in consecutive years and would both be third-round picks. 

Peter King of NBC Sports, who first reported on the proposal, gave an example of how the rule would work. If the proposal passes and Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy gets hired to be another team's head coach next season, then Kansas City would be rewarded with two compensatory picks over the next two drafts. They would get one third-round pick in 2021 and one third-round pick in 2022. 

The one catch with the rule is that the minority candidate would have had to have been with his original team for at least two years. Basically, if Bieniemy had been hired this year and left Kansas City after the 2020 season, the Chiefs wouldn't get any compensation. (However, that's only an example and obviously wouldn't apply to Bieniemy, who's been in Kansas City since 2013). 

If a team loses two minority candidates in the same offseason with one getting hired as a head coach and one getting hired as a general manager, then the original team will receive a third-round compensatory pick for three straight years. The one catch in all of this is that the minority candidate can't already be a head coach or general manager (An example here would be Pittsburgh. The Steelers wouldn't receive any compensation under this proposal if Mike Tomlin somehow got hired away from them this offseason). 

The NFL only had four minority head coaches and two general managers going into the 2020 season (The coaching number is now up to six though if you include interim coaches Raheem Morris in Atlanta and Romeo Crennel in Houston). 

The only potential downside to this proposal is that some NFL teams might be hesitant to hire a minority away from another team knowing that they'll essentially be allowing their rival to pick up two free draft picks. For instance, the Texans might think twice about hiring Bieniemy since it means the Chiefs would benefit. 

On the other hand, this proposal should encourage NFL teams to hire minorities into better positions so that they can be hired away by another team.

During the 2020 offseason, the NFL actually proposed a rule that the league hoped would incentivize teams to hire more minority candidates, but the rule was tabled in May before it could be voted on. Under that proposal, any team that hired a minority coach would have moved up six spots in the third round of the draft, among other things, but the NFL decided not to vote on that proposal.