WATCH: Peyton Manning makes customer do yoga for Gatorade

You need more backsweat, m'am.
You need more backsweat, m'am. (YouTube)

Gatorade is an ideal drink for sweat-filled activity (electrolytes, hydration, etc). But other people, like the young lady in the advertisement below, might think it has other uses.

THINK AGAIN, MA'AM. Or at least be prepared to "sweat it to get it" - struggling after a big night out for her birthday (would no one make the convenience store trek *for her*??), she strolls into a store and tries to get a Gatorade, only to get the Heisman'd by the clerk.

After her pleads for the liquid replenishment fall on dead ears, the cashier checks with his manager, who just happens to moonlight as the quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

Oh and Peyton Manning also happens to be a pretty demanding manager, making her do yoga -- we're gonna need some back sweat! -- in the middle of the mart.

Brutal and hilarious.

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