The Jonah Keri Podcast: Daniel Negreanu

On this episode: Jonah Keri goes all-in with poker legend Daniel Negreanu on how he made his way up the ranks in the poker world; the weaknesses he had to address in his game as the competition got tougher; how to build mental and physical stamina for a sport that demands hours of constant attention; how you don't need to be a zombie to avoid giving off tells; the lessons aspiring players can learn in Negreanu's MasterClass; why it's OK to switch sports team allegiances, the way he did from the Maple Leafs to the Golden Knights; and much more!

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Jonah Keri writes about baseball and numerous other topics for CBS Sports. He also hosts The Jonah Keri Podcast, which you should subscribe to on iTunes. Previously, he served as Lead Baseball Writer for... Full Bio

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