Manny didn't last that long being Manny down under. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Sydney Blue of the Australian Baseball League have released 12-time MLB All-Star outfielder Manny Ramirez. Blue Sox owner Adam Dobb confirmed the transaction to the Sydney Morning Herald, but the reasoning behind Ramirez's release raised some questions.

The former Major League Baseball outfielder hadn't appeared in either of the Blue Sox's first two games and was ruled out of the team's season opener last month as a result of an oblique injury. The Herald also reported that the nature of Ramirez's injury was a debatable topic, considering the franchise released a statement saying that Ramirez was unavailable due to "ongoing sensitive and confidential medical reasons."

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, there were some rumblings that Ramirez had been sidelined because he used a banned substance. Ramirez tested positive for a banned MLB substance in 2009 and served a 50-game suspension and then tested positive for a second time two seasons later (he retired shortly thereafter.)

Ramirez maintained that he wasn't able to take the field for the Blue Sox as a result of his oblique injury.

"If it was something drug-related, you think it would not have come out, and [stories about], 'This guy tests positive for this and that?','' Ramirez told the Sydney Morning Herald. "I just got released from the team because I got injured and I can't participate in the games. Like everybody, your emotions get down [when you're released], but you've got to move on."

The veteran outfielder last played in the MLB back in 2011 as a member of the Oakland Athletics. In 2017, Ramirez played for the Kochi Fighting Dogs of the Japanese Shikoku Island League Plus independent league prior to joining the Blue Sox.