Anthony Davis keeps his power in his unibrow.
Anthony Davis keeps his power in his unibrow. (USATSI)

One of the most recognizable aspects about Anthony Davis is his unibrow. Davis has learned to embrace his unibrow, marketing the distinguishing feature in ads and even referring to it as "The Brow." He has frequently said that he will never pluck or shave his unibrow and according to his personal barber, this is because Davis gets his strength from it.

From an interview Davis' barber Fat Cal did with The Bird Writes:

He says he feels no pressure when cutting Davis' hair, and says its easy to cut, and he would never dare get rid of The Brow's unibrow.

"It just fits his face," Cal said. "If he cuts it off, he’ll get weak. That’s his signature. That’s his strength; his strength is in the brow. [The Brow] is his own patented thing."

So just like Iron Man uses an Arc Reactor to power his suit, Davis uses his unibrow to power his game. No wonder Davis was easily able to defeat those video game villains in all of those ads for the movie "Pixels."