Kobe Bryant: 'I'm 100 percent'

In a video interview while in Rio for the World Cup, Lakers star Kobe Bryant said that he's "100 percent." 

Asked how his knee is and if he'll be ready for next season, Bryant replied "Oh, yeah, I'm 100 percent." He also said on the prospects of next year with the Lakers' struggles, "What's life without challenges?"

Bryant came back from his torn Achilles for just six games last season before suffering a tibular fracture tha was supposed to sideline him for six weeks and instead cost him the rest of the season. The Lakers bottomed out and hold the No. 7 pick in the draft and have cap space beyond Bryant's $24.5 milion deal for next season. 

Bryant also said "I only plan to play two more years," and said he'd like to play a game in Rio during that season. Bryant spoke passionately about the environment in Brazil. Perhaps he should get a sense of some of the other things that have gone on down there thanks to the World Cup. 


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