2014 NFL Draft: Lions get C- for picking Eric Ebron with 10th pick

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NEW YORK --With the No. 10 overall pick, the Lions have selected former North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron, presumably making Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford very happy.

Though there's little doubt about Ebron's talent -- he was the No. 1 tight end prospect according to NFLDraftScout.com -- he had to convince teams that he could block like an NFL tight end should.

His talent and upside, though, clearly won out over that potential problem. And he'll get paid like an elite player.

"I’m very fast, I’m very different,” said Ebron at February's NFL combine. “I play the tight end role like no one else ... ... Every team wants a complete tight end, an all-purpose tight end, not just one that can run down the seam and catch passes. They want one that can block too. I tell them that I've been working hard at it, which I have, and I'm not bad at it, which everyone thinks."

CBSSports.com senior writer Pete Prisco questions the pick, however.

Soon enough, the Lions will get to see if that's so.

Either way, it's been a pretty good Thursday for Ebron, who just so happened to get engaged on top of the Empire State Building a few hours before the draft began. 

Plus, he was announced by Lions legend Barry Sanders.

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