After watching her boyfriend sign the biggest contract in NFL history on Wednesday, Danica Patrick decided to celebrate in style. 

So how do you celebrate a $134 million contract in style?

You bust open a bottle of super expensive champagne, and that's exactly what Patrick did. A few hours after Rodgers signed his four-year extension, the former race car driver popped open a bottle of Armand de Brignac champagne, which you might know better as Ace of Spades. 

This wasn't just any bottle of Ace of Spades, though, this was a one-of-a-kind bottle that had been personalized for Rodgers, as you can see below. 

Danica Patrick had a bottle of Ace of Spades ready to go after Aaron Rodgers' signed his contract extension.  Instagram/danicapatrick

A bottle like that without personalization will generally run you about $300. If you're scoring at home, that means Rodgers could purchase roughly 192,000 bottles with his signing bonus alone ($57.5 million). 

Speaking of Rodgers, he probably didn't get very much time to celebrate his new contract, and that's mainly because he had to get ready to jump on a flight to Kansas City. Although he won't be playing, Rodgers will be on the sideline Thursday at Arrowhead Stadium for the Packers' final preseason game of 2018. 

Of course, while he's on the sideline, Rodgers is probably going to want to his best to avoid Davante Adams. Apparently, Rodgers owes him $20 from 2016 and Adams is now looking to collect. Maybe Danica can send Adams a bottle of Ace of Spades and they can all call it even. 

Rodgers and Patrick have been dating for nearly a year now, and after watching Danica dump her beloved Bears in favor of the Packers, we should go ahead and assume it's serious.