Developing story: Nick Foles is making his head more streamlined

Nick Foles' coiffure circa 2012.
Nick Foles' coiffure circa 2012. (USATSI)

A developing story is taking place in Philadelphia, where Nick Foles, he of one-time luscious locks, Eagles quarterbacking fame and thy physical manifestation of Chip Kelly's brain is getting a haircut.

This doesn't appear to be the work of hazing as third-year QBs don't typically suffer that fate, but my guess is it's an elective procedure.

Or possibly the latest outside-the-box thinking from Kelly: hair requires conditioner, conditioner means more time in the shower, more time in the shower means less time watching game film … BAM, shave it off, Nicky. Rinse, wash, NEVER REPEAT.

Don't close this tab, more on this story as photos emerge. Also, moob. 

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