PHILADELPHIA -- Quinyon Mitchell isn't known for talking much. When the Philadelphia Eagles rookie cornerback does talk, though, it's noticeable. 

A.J. Brown revealed earlier this week how the soft-spoken Mitchell informed him a route he ran was "trash." Brown had a smile on his face telling the story, yet Mitchell revealed maybe the route wasn't so bad, after all. 

"I mean, it was actually a good route," Mitchell said with a laugh Thursday. "I finally got to go up against A.J. so I wanted to talk a little trash to him, but it was a good route."

The banter between Mitchell and Brown was something Brown enjoyed, liking how a rookie cornerback was confident enough to throw some shade at him. Mitchell certainly isn't lacking confidence. 

"Yeah, yeah. I talk a little trash," Mitchell said. "Just push my teammates, you know, compete when I get that chance and the opportunity so just going out and grinding out good days."

Mitchell doesn't necessarily want to be a vocal guy either, especially as a rookie. Already learning how fast the NFL game is in minicamp is an early challenge. 

"Just coming in here I wanted to put my head down and work," Mitchell said. "Earn my teammates' trust and respect. Make a good play and talk a little trash, just fuel that competition."

When Mitchell did trash-talk Brown, it opened up some eyes in the secondary. However, Cooper DeJean, another quiet rookie, wasn't surprised by Mitchell trash talking veterans -- even if it may be a bit out of character. 

"He'll chirp in every once in a while," DeJean said. "You know, little subtle things which are kinda funny. He walks around all quiet and doesn't say too much, so when you hear that it makes you laugh a little bit."

Who's quieter? Mitchell or DeJean?

"I feel Q's [Mitchell] even more quiet than I am," DeJean said. "I think we're both trying to learn as much as possible from the guys that have been here and played in this league. Just trying to learn as much as possible, take it all in."

While Mitchell is learning how to play cornerback at the pro level, defensive coordinator Vic Fangio has the first-round pick lining up with the first team in dime formations and giving him some reps on the outside. Even though Mitchell has fared well, Kelee Ringo and Isaiah Rodgers are ahead of him for that outside cornerback spot opposite of Darius Slay.

That could change this summer. Going up against Brown will help, a challenge Mitchell continues to embrace.

"Whenever I get a chance, the opportunity, him and DeVonta [Smith]," Mitchell said on covering both wide receivers in practice. "The two best in the game, so I mean they gonna give me great work. I look forward to it."