NFL: New England Patriots at New York Jets
Brad Penner / USA TODAY Sports

Nothing spurs overreactions like Week 1 of an NFL season. We don't see teams for months, and then all of a sudden: Boom! This team looks great. That one looks awful. This guy looks like an MVP. That one should be benched. We can't help ourselves with so much football returning at once, even though we know full well that half our reactionary opinions will ultimately be proven wrong.

Good thing for us, Brady Quinn joined Wednesday's Pick Six Podcast (subscribe here for daily NFL goodness) to decipher all of the top storylines after the opening week of the season. Which hot takes are worthwhile? Which ones are clear overreactions? He broke it all down with Will Brinson.

Perhaps the boldest of Quinn's proclamations ahead of Week 2 centered on the impending overhaul of the New York Jets. Routed by the Buffalo Bills in Week 1, the Jets have long been forecast as a potential bottom-feeder in 2020, but presented with a prediction that the team will 1.) fire coach Adam Gase before Halloween, 2.) draft Trevor Lawrence in 2021, and then 3.) trade current quarterback Sam Darnold after just three seasons in town, Quinn endorsed every single doomsday scenario for Gang Green.

"Not an overreaction," he said of the predicted Jets demise. "I mean, I think anyone who's in the No. 1 (draft) position is potentially gonna be taking Trevor Lawrence ... The Arizona Cardinals already set a precedent (with Kyler Murray). You better believe who they hire is gonna be coming and saying, 'Oh, we can get that guy? Yeah, OK. And let's get something back for Sam Darnold. One-hundred percent. Like, that's not even fictional. That's already kind of happened (with Arizona). That's not an overreaction."

The Jets, Quinn added, "might have a hard time winning five games" for the rest of the year, making them a top candidate to get the No. 1 pick in 2021 and kick off a total rebuild at coach and QB.

Sticking in the AFC East, Quinn wasn't nearly as bullish on the notion that Cam Newton is an upgrade over Tom Brady after his promising debut with the New England Patriots.

"I'm not gonna say that," he explained. "Is there a chance that Cam Newton has a better year than Tom Brady? Potentially. (But) if Cam Newton and the Patriots think they're gonna run it 15 times every game and he's gonna survive, I don't care how strong he is, that stuff's gonna wear on you."