Jaguars launch 'Duval Dash,' first-ever team video game

First, the Jacksonville Jaguars became the first team to release their own emoji keyboard. Then, the Jaguars won their Week 2 game, which is the earliest they've won a game since they opened up the 2011 season with a win.

The Jaguars continue to push the envelope. They are believed to be the first NFL team to release their own video game. It's called "Duval Dash," named after the county that Jacksonville finds itself in.

"Jaguars Arcade was designed as a means to engage with our brand while enjoying a challenging and fun digital experience," said Steve Ziff, the Jaguars vice president of marketing and digital media, via ESPN. "Our goal is to reach Jags fans of all ages, and we look for this to be a key entertainment asset to grow the relationship and interact with them all year long. We will continue to create and develop more digital and mobile offerings in the future."

If you go to, you can play the 8-bit game, which is a bit of a throwback. In case you're skeptical, I decided to play the game and review it below, because who doesn't want to play video games at work?

The game is simple. All you have to do is jump by clicking anywhere on the screen or by pressing the up arrow on your keyboard. As you stroll along the beach, obstacles like seagulls and beachgoers get in your path. Gold coins are also available to collect. Those are the times when you need to jump.

In the screenshot above taken from the game, you can see what I'm talking about. The bird is out to get you and the coins are yours to snag.

Overall, I'm giving the game a 9 out of 10. I loved the feel of the game, I loved the throwback nature, but ultimately I would've liked to be able to do a bit more than jump. 

Hopefully those improvements are coming. According to ESPN, the Jaguars are hoping to launch two games per year.

Only in Duval.

The Jaguars have their own video game. (
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