Jets to reportedly start Bryce Petty over Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. Rams

The New York Jets are making a quarterback change for the third time this season. The Jets began the season with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center, then briefly switched to Geno Smith. Smith tore his ACL and the team went back to Fitzpatrick, but 2015 fourth-round pick Bryce Petty is expected by players to make the start Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams, per

"All week, Fitzpatrick has been optimistic about his chances of playing against the Rams. But a source informed of the thinking of coach Todd Bowles says it's a real decision based on how Fitzpatrick warms up. If there is any swelling or he's not as mobile as he needs to be, Petty gets the start. But based on the week of practice, players believe it'll be Petty under center."

The report was later confirmed by several others.

Fitzpatrick sprained his knee during last week's loss to the Miami Dolphins. Petty briefly replaced him and went 2 of 2 for 19 yards, but Fitzpatrick re-entered the game and played the rest of the way.

Petty was very open about not being ready to play against NFL defenses last season. He admitted that he did not know how to identify the "Mike" linebacker, which NFL teams generally do pre-snap in order to line up their pass protection on the offensive line. He also said before this season that he knew his development was coming along well because he was now able to diagnose defensive fronts in Madden 17.

The Jets are 3-6 and nowhere close to the playoff hunt, and it's clear Fitzpatrick cannot take them where they want to go. At the very least, getting a look at Petty over the final seven games of the season will tell them more about what options they have under center. It might not be pretty, but at least they'll be working with more information.

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