John Madden calls Richard Sherman's rant 'embarrassing'

Richard Sherman's rant will be a storyline next week too. (USATSI)
Richard Sherman's rant will be a storyline next week too. (USATSI)

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The 24-hour news cycle is working overtime for Richard Sherman's post-game tirade, which is now in Day 3. And with Super Bowl Week just four days off, this story won't officially be over until the 2013 season is officially in the books. For now, we're left to sift through everybody's thoughts on the matter.

Next up: Hall of Fame coach and former broadcaster John Madden, who had plenty of experience with outspoken characters as the Raiders coach from 1969-1978. Still, even Madden thinks Sherman's outburst took things too far.

“I think it’s too much,” Madden said on Sirius XM (via PFT). “To me, it was kind of embarrassing. . . . Kids are watching this, and kids copy the players. I have grandkids and I know that they do because I see them. If a player is wearing a certain color gloves, they have to have that color gloves. A player two weeks ago wore red shoes, I had a grandson came to the game and he had to wear red shoes. The jerseys -- they wear the jerseys and they copy everything those guys do. And to be a great one, they don’t know which things they should copy, and they think that’s how they have to play. I think if any apologies ought to be made, it ought to be to the kids. That’s not the way we do it. ...  I thought it was embarrassing.”

To Sherman's credit, he's since apologized for making the moment about him and not his team,  which was one of Madden's criticisms.

“He took away a lot from the other players on his team," Madden said. "Guys played their butts off, guys coached their butts off, and pass rushed and tackled and special teams, and then it got to be all about one guy. In a team sport, that’s wrong."

At this point, I think we're all in agreement on this. That said, this won't be the last time we'll hear about Sherman in the coming days. Call it a hunch.

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