The easiest way to get ejected from an NFL game is to shove a ref and that's exactly what Marshawn Lynch did against the Chiefs on Thursday. 

The Raiders running back was ejected in the second quarter after going Beast Mode on an official who was trying to break up a fight between players from Kansas City and Oakland. It all started with just over six minutes left in the half when Derek Carr tried to scramble up the middle on a third-and-10 play. 

As he was running, Carr got held up by Chiefs defensive tackle Allen Bailey and at that point, he wasn't really going anywhere. Despite that fact that it looked like Carr's forward motion was stopped, Chief corner Marcus Peters still came in and launched himself at Carr. 

The hit on Carr immediately started a scuffle between both teams. The most surprising person to participate in the scuffle was Lynch because he wasn't even on the field for the play. After Carr took the hit, Lynch ran on the field from the sideline and jumped into the middle of the fracas. 

At that point, Lynch did something that will get you ejected 100 percent of the time: He grabbed an official and shoved him. 

On the play, Peters was flagged for unnecessary roughness, while Lynch was flagged 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. Beast Mode was ejected from the game after carrying the ball just two times for nine yards. 

Here's Lynch heading to the locker room after being ejected. 

Although KRON-4 reported that Lynch had left the stadium, he appeared to watch the rest of the game from the stands with his family. Beast Mode then showed up in the Raiders' locker room after his team's dramatic 31-30 win.  

As for the rest of the team, there was some serious tension on the Raiders' sideline for most of the second quarter. CBS'Tracy Wolfson reported that Michael Crabtree and Donald Penn got into a shoving match that didn't end until Raiders offensive line coach Mike Tice came in and broke it up.

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