Mike Glennon: Bucs say I'm their guy moving forward

Despite what Lovie Smith said before the draft, Mike Glennon is the future. (USATSI)
Despite what Lovie Smith said before the draft, Mike Glennon is the future. (USATSI)

Never mind that the Buccaneers signed veteran quarterback Josh McCown this offseason, or that new coach Lovie Smith promptly announced that McCown was his starter. Also disregard that the team said it might consider a quarterback with the No. 7 pick, even though the previous coach had taken Mike Glennon in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft and he had played well as a rookie.

On Tuesday, Glennon said that he has known for some time that the front office and coaching staff consider him the future of the franchise.

"As all that stuff was going on Lovie called me twice to tell me that wasn't the case," Glennon said, via ESPN.com. "That he didn't know where it was coming from. He was very open with me, very open and honest about how he feels now and how he feels going forward."

Glennon's talking specifically about speculation that the Bucs would draft Johnny Manziel. But everything else came straight from Smith's mouth. In mid-March, the coach was asked if McCown was his quarterback.

"Yes, he is," Smith answered.

And at the February combine, when Smith was asked about whether quarterback was a possibility with their first-round pick, he said: "I know enough about that draft to know, yeah, there's someone that would be worthy of the seventh pick because everything is on the board right now/ Whenever you have a chance to get a franchise quarterback, you have to consider that."

But maybe this was all part of the pr-draft obfuscation that has become commonplace, because last week, Smith sounded a lot like Glennon did Tuesday.

“Just talking about our quarterback position, our quarterback position is as strong as any quarterback position I've had when I've been a head coach," he said. "You know how much I like Josh McCown as our starter. I love Mike Glennon. Mike Glennon is our quarterback of the future here. So why would you want to add a third quarterback to the mix? We needed other positions. Forget just the quarterback position, we thought this was the best available player for us. It was an easy decision for us."

So there you go. Glennon, who completed 59.4 percent of his passes with 19 touchdowns and 9 interceptions last season, remains squarely in the organization's plans.

"It was communicated a while ago both with Lovie and Jason," Glennon said Tuesday. "We sat down and they discussed what the plans were for Josh moving forward and they told me this all along, that I was their guy moving forward. Right now, it's a different situation with Josh here, but they told me this for a while now, that this was the plan, this is what's going to happen and I'm looking forward to this season still competing and helping the team in any way I can and just following their lead."

No word on whether this means Glennon is in the mix for the starting job this fall or, as Smith said in March, that distinction belongs to McCown.

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