Remember When: The Buttfumble's one-year anniversary

How has it only been an entire year? It was a dark, cold Thanksgiving night 365 days ago when Mark Sanchez sprinted forward with the football, wholly unaware that a hulking offensive lineman was right in front of him.

Seconds later one of the greatest trainwrecks in modern history was born as Sanchez face collided with Brandon Moore's backside:

The Buttfumble was born. And today the Buttfumble turns one.

Do you remember where you were? I'll never forget. Not because it was all that special a place to be. I'll remember because I've never laughed that hard in my entire life. I was working and my wife, my brother-in-law and I were watching the Jets-Pats game at his house.

My wife, as Steve Gregory was about halfway to the end zone after scooping up Sanchez' fumble, asked something to the effect of "Did he just run into his teammate's butt?" We burst out laughing and couldn't stop for at least a solid five minutes. Just face-hurting, lung-choking laughter. My God it was glorious.

We obviously weren't the only ones. Families all over the world sat around their televisions, blacked out on tryptophan cackling at the expense of the Jets misfortunte.

Thus was born a legend in modern-day history. The Buttfumble has a 2,500-word Wikipedia entry. It was shown for weeks -- maybe months -- on a regular basis as the perfect example of abject failure on the football field.

Typically NFL players can throw out garbage like "we didn't execute" and other platitudes. Sanchez didn't even try. He was literally giving up on the play when his world, um, cracked apart.

"I was just trying to get down. The play was over. Say 'Uncle'. Do the right thing," Sanchez said afterwards. "Get to second-and-10 and live to play another down. I'm not a big believer in luck, but that was pretty unlucky. It was really too bad."

Not having been around the television on Friday, I've got no idea if the Buttfumble received its own SportsCenter segment. I hope it did: it was featured as the "Worst of the Worst" play for 40 straight weeks. Forty!

The Buttfumble inspired memes:

It inspired cartoons:

It inspired an amazing New York Post cover:

It inspired this look from Rex Ryan:

It inspired t-shirts:

And of course it inspired a jersey or two:

Happy birthday Buttfumble. May you be as beautiful when you're 30 as the day you were born.

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