Seahawks reportedly hiring Brian Schottenheimer as offensive coordinator

Out with Darrell Bevell. In with Brian Schottenheimer. 

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Seahawks are expected to name Schottenheimer their new offensive coordinator to fill the spot vacated by the Seahawks' firing of Bevell earlier this week.

Most recently, Schottenheimer has served as the Colts' quarterbacks coach for the past two seasons. Now, he'll be an NFL offensive coordinator again for the first time since 2014. In Seattle, he'll have the chance to work with a generational quarterback talent in Russell Wilson and a top receiver in Doug Baldwin, but he'll also be saddled with a subpar offensive line and a non-existent running game. 

Most NFL fans will know Schottenheimer because he's the son of long-time coach Marty Schottenheimer. But Brian Schottenheimer has been around in the league long enough to be known by his own resume -- not his father's. Unfortunately, it's not the best resume. He's been an offensive coordinator for nine NFL seasons and one college season (with Georgia in 2015). In his nine NFL seasons as a coordinator -- with the Jets and Rams -- Schottenheimer's units ranked as a top-10 scoring offense just once. Seahawks fans will undoubtedly remember Schottenheimer as the architect of some truly meh Rams offenses.

Take a look at Schottenheimer's NFL offensive rankings:

That doesn't mean Schottenheimer is guaranteed to fail in Seattle. Wilson is the best quarterback that Schottenheimer has ever gotten the chance to coordinate. Pete Carroll is the best head coach that Schottenheimer has worked under as a coordinator. And for all of the Seahawks' faults, they still finished 9-7 in a down season. This might be the best situation Schottenheimer has found himself in and maybe he'll thrive the way someone like Kyle Shanahan thrived in Atlanta before landing the 49ers' head coaching gig.

But expectations will be high. This is a Seahawks team that enters every season with Super Bowl aspirations. They just got rid of their long-time coordinator even though their offense ranked 14th in DVOA in 2017, meaning mediocrity likely won't be tolerated. With their defense seemingly nearing the end of a dominant era -- it wouldn't be shocking if Earl Thomas, Michael Bennett, Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, and Cliff Avril are no longer playing in Seattle within the next couple years --  the Seahawks might need to transition to an offensive-minded approach that is spearheaded by Wilson. 

That puts pressure on Schottenheimer to help lead Seattle into a new era of offensive football.

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