WATCH: Antonio Brown pulls off crazy helmet catch for touchdown vs. Titans

Antonio Brown has made some amazing catches this season, but he might have just topped them all against the Titans on Thursday. 

Brown did his best impression of David Tyree and made a wild helmet catch during the fourth quarter against Tennessee. On a second-and-5 play from the Titans' 10-yard line, Ben Roethlisberger noticed that Brown was being covered man-to-man, so he did what any quarterback would do: He threw the ball up so that his star receiver could make a play. 

Although Brown was only able to get one hand and his helmet on the ball, that's all he needed, as you can see below. 

For people with shorter attention spans, here's the two-second version of the catch. 

That's definitely the second-best helmet catch in of the last 10 years, behind only Tyree's catch in Super Bowl XLII. The touchdown catch was Brown's third of the night, so if you're going up against him in Fantasy, you might just want to save yourself some stress and forfeit the rest of Week 11. The Steelers receiver also caught touchdown passes from five and 41 yards. 

Brown's helmet touchdown gave the Steelers a 37-17 lead and basically iced the game. 

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