Aaron Rodgers makes absurd throw while falling backwards for improbable TD pass against Chiefs

It's not every day that a three-yard touchdown pass has a chance to go down as one of the best scoring plays of the season, but that's likely going to happen after the miracle Aaron Rodgers pulled off on Sunday night against the Chiefs

Rodgers somehow turned a three-yard score into a play that will likely be shown on his career highlight reel whenever he decides to retire. 

The craziness started on a third-and-1 play for the Packers from the Chiefs' 3-yard line. After taking a shotgun snap, Rodgers rolled all the way back to the 17-yard line, and at the point, it looked like he was going to have throw the ball away. As a matter of fact, most people probably thought he was throwing the ball away when he released it. 

As he prepared to throw off his back foot, Rodgers took a hit from a Chiefs defender, and that's when this happened. 

That's a three-yard pass to Jamaal Williams that traveled roughly 27 yards in the air. 

There's a good chance that play will go down as the best three-yard touchdown pass of Rodgers' career and possibly the best three-yard touchdown pass in NFL history. 

Here's another angle of the throw, so you get a better idea of just how improbable the scoring play was. 

You know it was a great throw, because even Rodgers stopped to appreciate how absurd it was that he was able to squeeze the pass into the corner of the end zone. 

The touchdown gave the Packers a 24-17 lead.

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