Watch Now: NFL Win Totals: Buffalo Bills O/U 9.0 (2:44)

The 2020 Buffalo Bills ... AFC East champions? Something even more? It's been quite a while since Bills fans could come into a season with anything approaching real optimism for how it might end. But that's what happens when the best quarterback in NFL history finally takes his talents not only out of the AFC East, but out of the AFC entirely.

As a result, the Bills are neck and neck with the Patriots for favorite status in the division, and they're tied for third-best odds to win the entire AFC with those same rivals from New England. Of course, the two teams ahead of them in the pecking order happen to be the top two Super Bowl favorites, teams in Kansas City and Baltimore with not only elite coaching but MVP quarterbacks leading the charge.

The 2020 Buffalo Bills ... do not have that. On the first point, you could actually argue their coaching deserves to be in the ranks of the elite, with Sean McDermott and his staff potentially being the most underrated group of coaches in the league. But at quarterback, the Bills feature third-year pro Josh Allen, who even the most diehard Bills Mafioso would agree is nowhere near the level of Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson.

The good news is that Allen still has room to grow, and whether he does will determine how far this Bills team goes in 2020, and potentially in January 2021, and maybe -- maybe -- even February 2021. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

In celebration of (hopefully) football on the horizon, here's a way-too-early week-by-week prediction for all 16 of the Bills' regular season games on the schedule, complete with over/under win totals for every opponent courtesy of William Hill Sports Book, as well as Week 1 and 2 lines. The Bills' O/U is set at 9, with even juice on both sides.

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Week 1 vs. Jets

Line: Bills -6
Opponent win total: 
O/U 6.5

Prediction: A rematch of last year's season opener, where the Bills offense rebounded from a slow start to pull out a win. This year it's the Jets with a rebuilt offensive line, and considering how much their offense struggled in Week 1 of last year against this strong Bills defense, I don't expect a big game from the visitors here. But that Jets defense is no pushover either. Stefon Diggs makes the difference in this one as Bills win 24-13.

Projected record: 1-0

Week 2 at Dolphins

Line: Bills -3
Opponent win total: O/U 6

Prediction: The Bills offense dominated the Dolphins last year, with the team scoring 68 points in their two meetings. Miami did a good job upgrading the talent on their defense this offseason, but I'm not sure we'll see cohesion from a unit with a lot of new pieces this early in the season. Brian Daboll leans on the run game to move the ball and the defense to the do the rest as the Bills win 27-17.

Projected record: 2-0

Week 3 vs. Rams

Opponent win total: O/U 8.5

Prediction: This is a tough road trip for the Rams, as they'll come into this meeting having just played in Philadelphia in Week 2. They didn't have a back-to-back long road trip last year, but during their Super Bowl run they followed up in win in Detroit with an absolute dud in a 15-6 loss to the Bears in Chicago. Buffalo can certainly turn this into another ugly game like that, where Jared Goff can do absolutely nothing as the Bills win 17-9.

Projected record: 3-0

Week 4 at Raiders

Opponent win total: O/U 7.5

Prediction: This is the middle of a tough stretch for Las Vegas, with this matchup at home sandwiched between trips to New England and Kansas City. But don't expect the Bills to walk out with a trap-game win when they're 3-0 themselves. This is somehow the Bills' first trip this far west since "The Nathan Peterman Half" against the Chargers, and while no one expects a similar meltdown here, I do expect Jon Gruden to cook up something as the Raiders win 24-20.

Projected record: 3-1

Week 5 at Titans

Opponent win total: O/U 8.5

Prediction: The Bills of course won in Tennessee last year, but that came before the move to Ryan Tannehill at quarterback. This matchup comes in the middle of a three-game home stand for the Titans, and they'll be fully ready to get revenge. With a meeting with the Super Bowl champions on the docket next, the Bills offense lays a dud in this one as the Titans win 27-10

Projected record: 3-2

Week 6 vs. Chiefs

Opponent win total: O/U 11.5

Prediction: No biggie, just Thursday Night Football against the defending Super Bowl champions. Let's just chalk it up as a loss and move on, right? Well ... the last time these teams met, McDermott's defense held Andy Reid's offense to 10 points in Kansas City. Yes, that was in 2017. Yes, Alex Smith was the quarterback. But that Chiefs team went on to make the playoffs while finishing sixth in the NFL in points scored. A great defense gives Buffalo a realistic chance to win this game, and the Chiefs' potential defensive issues makes an upset even more realistic as the Bills win 27-26.

Projected record: 4-2

Week 7 at Jets

Opponent win total: O/U 6.5

Prediction: Here's a potential letdown spot with the Patriots on deck, but the Jets themselves have to head to Kansas City after this. After Buffalo's Week 1 win, I'd expect the Jets to be a tougher matchup this time around, but with Buffalo's extra rest coming off Thursday Night Football, the result will be the same as the Bills win 17-14.

Projected record: 5-2

Week 8 vs. Patriots

Opponent win total: O/U 9

Prediction: Everything else is preamble to this matchup as the Bills look for revenge after getting swept in this season last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. Buffalo has yet to beat New England with Sean McDermott at the helm, and you can expect Super Bowl level intensity from the home team here. The defense will do everything it has to in order to get McDermott this victory as the Bills win 13-3.

Projected record: 6-2

Week 9 vs. Seahawks

Opponent win total: O/U 9.5

Prediction: There's just no way the Bills will be able to avoid a letdown here coming off a three-game winning streak that includes victories over New England and Kansas City. And even if Buffalo is 100 percent focused, the Seahawks can come in and expect they'll win this game after a 5-0 run on their trips east last year. This is the wake-up call the Bills need to bear down for the second half after the Seahawks win 30-14.

Projected record: 6-3

Week 10 at Cardinals

Opponent win total: O/U 7

Prediction: The Bills roll into this one focused, with the message being that heading into the Week 11 bye coming off back-to-back losses, especially considering the high of two weeks ago, is unacceptable. The Cardinals are going to be better than a lot of people expect this year, but with a Thursday trip to Seattle on the docket next, they won't be as ready for this interconference battle as the Bills win 31-16.

Projected record: 7-3

Week 12 vs. Chargers

Opponent win total: O/U 7.5

Prediction: The Bills have come out on the losing end of their first two meetings with familiar face Anthony Lynn, but the third time should be a charm. At quarterback, they'll either be facing another familiar face in Tyrod Taylor, who the Bills should know how to defend, or rookie Justin Herbert, who is likely to face growing pains if he plays in Year 1. The Chargers defense is capable of turning any game into a low-scoring slugfest as well, but in Buffalo in late November, the Bills win 19-7.

Projected record: 8-3

Week 13 at 49ers

Opponent win total: O/U 10.5

Prediction: Monday Night Football in San Francisco is a tough test for the Bills, even if the 49ers suffer from a Super Bowl hangover and aren't quite as good as they were in 2019. This is the first in a string of three primetime matchups and three road games in a four-week span for Buffalo, as well as their toughest road opponent of the year, and it's hard to see a victory in the cards for Buffalo as the 49ers win 34-16.

Projected record: 8-4

Week 14 vs. Steelers

Opponent win total: O/U 9

Prediction: The Bills won in Pittsburgh last December, but that was with Duck Hodges throwing four interceptions. The Steelers are going to be more than ready to get their revenge here, especially if Ben Roethlisberger is healthy. Back-to-back losses to open up December is a tough pill to swallow, but this just means Buffalo's sole focus turns toward winning the division in two weeks as the Steelers win 26-13.

Projected record: 8-5

Week 15 at Broncos

Opponent win total: O/U 7.5

Prediction: Get ready for a defensive battle in Denver, one the Broncos will be more prepared for this year after Brandon Allen started in the meeting between these two teams last year. This feels like a game that'll be decided by one bounce of the ball, and on the road, that doesn't go the Bills' way as the Broncos win 16-14.

Projected record: 8-6

Week 16 at Patriots

Opponent win total: O/U 9

Prediction: This could be the season for Buffalo, and it's certainly a tall order to expect a sweep of the Patriots, no matter who's at quarterback. It's also tough to see a team that played so well over the first three months lose four straight down the stretch. But this is Bill Belichick we're talking about, in Foxborough, on Monday night. So it's hard to see anything but disappointment as the Patriots win 16-9.

Projected record: 8-7

Week 17 vs. Dolphins

Opponent win total: O/U 6

Prediction: Over bettors were ready to cash their tickets when this team was 8-3, but now they're just hoping for a push. The Dolphins should be an improved team in 2020, and they'll have had the whole season to get in a groove on both sides of the ball. But a trip to Buffalo in January is tough to overcome, and with Buffalo potentially fighting for a playoff spot, we'll see the team get back on track as the Bills win 24-14.

Projected record: 9-7, wild card spot