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2019-20 Fantasy Hockey: Top 10 power-play units

Evan Berofsky previews the NHL's top 10 power-play units heading into the 2019-20 campaign.

2018-19 Fantasy Hockey: Top 10 power-play units

What power plays promise the most production this season? Here are the top 10 most likely.

2018-19 Fantasy Hockey: Forward Tiers

How to sort out the huge group of NHL forwards in Fantasy terms? Evan Berofsky does it for you, with nine tiers starting with the exclusive “Royalty” group.

2017 Fantasy Hockey Draft Prep: Auston Matthews helps power Maple Leafs' league-best power play unit

Learn how to take advantage of the power play with our rundown of the best units in the league.

2017 Fantasy Hockey Draft Prep: Alex Ovechkin still among the top tier for forwards

Forwards are the backbone of any Fantasy roster, and we've got the best of the bunch ranked here.

2016 Fantasy Hockey Draft Prep: Sleepers

Looking for a hidden gem on Draft Day? Look no further. Evan Berofsky has you covered with his Sleepers for 2016-17.

Fantasy Hockey: Week 25 Neutral Zone Wrap

Continuing to look ahead, Evan Berofsky offers up buyer beware Fantasy advice, and some short-term notes for survivors still playing.

Fantasy Hockey: Week 24 Neutral Zone Wrap

Even the few who are left standing in Fantasy Hockey playoffs need to think ahead. Evan Berofsky looks at under the radar guys for next season.

Fantasy Hockey: Week 23 Neutral Zone Wrap

Don't believe the recent numbers. Evan Berofsky warns Fantasy owners from buying into recent outbursts by Mikael Backlund, Radko Gudas and others.

Fantasy Hockey: Week 22 Neutral Zone Wrap

Time is growing short for the Fantasy Hockey season, but Evan Berofsky says these late pickups could still make all the difference.

Fantasy Hockey Neutral Zone Wrap: Panthers leading way

The calendar has flipped over, and Evan Berofsky challenges and helps Fantasy owners with updates on the Panthers, Leafs, Sharks, Rangers and Jets.

Fantasy Hockey Neutral Zone Wrap: Diving into the unknown

Sometimes the winning play is taking a chance on a player who has just the right amount of potential, but who's under the radar. Evan Berofsky offers some options in his latest Neutral Zone Wrap.

Fantasy Hockey Neutral Zone Wrap: Ahead of down curves

They all looked good at the time, but Evan Berofsky says you might want to get busy replacing guys like Ryan Callahan and Marian Gaborik in the Neutral Zone Wrap.

Fantasy Hockey Neutral Zone Wrap: Ready for these regressions?

Dylan Larkin, Michal Neuvirth and Dion Phaneuf are among seven players who look primed for regression after the new year, Evan Berofsky says.

Fantasy Hockey: Neutral Zone Wrapping Hawks, Sens, Coyotes, Wild, Flyers

Changing on the fly is a must in the NHL or in Fantasy. Evan Berofsky looks at how the Blackhawks, Sens, Coyotes, Wild, Flyers are doing it.

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