Golf writer stands by implication that Tiger Woods is a cheater

Is Tiger Woods a cheater? (USATSI)
Is Tiger Woods a cheater? (USATSI)

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Game on.

Brandell Chamblee responded to Mark Steinberg's response about Chamblee's column about Tiger Woods last week in which Woods was given an "F" and Chamblee insinuated that he was a cheater.

When asked if Steinberg's threat that the Woods camp might consider legal action against Chamblee had rattled him, he had a terse response.


He also said he chose his words very carefully when writing about Woods's gaffe at the BMW Championship (video below).

"I think 'cavalier with the rules' allows for those with a dubious opinion of the BMW video," said Chamblee.

Chamblee then clarified why he wrote the way he did about his fourth grade teacher who caught him cheating.

"My teacher in the fourth grade did not have a dubious opinion of how I completed the test. But she was writing to one, and as I was writing to many, I felt it important to allow for the doubt some might have, so I chose my words accordingly.

"What people want to infer about that is up to them," he said. "I have my opinion, they can form theirs."

Chamblee went on to say he thought the idea of legal action, as proposed by Woods' agent Steinberg, was actually somewhat ridiculous.

"I thought it incomprehensible that anyone with the slightest understanding of libel laws wouldn't know the definition of and the difference between libel and opinion."

No matter either because Chamblee isn't backing down.

"I don't feel I'm the one that needs to justify the 'F.' The BMW video does it for me, followed by Tiger's silence -- until confronted -- and then by his denials in the face of incontestable evidence to the contrary of his petitions.

"To say nothing of the fact that he was disrespecting his position in golf, the traditions of golf and his fellow competitors, in my opinion."

"I suspected there would be the usual assortment of divisive banter about me giving Tiger an 'F,' but as it turns out, it was a slow week in golf, so with not much to do, my column got more attention than it should have."

"I'm paid to have and give an opinion, and I work hard to form those opinions based upon facts, not agenda," he said. "I don't always get it right but I'm always trying to get it right. And I know the people I work for know that."

Well OK then.

I can't wait until Tiger's first interview about this -- one can only hope it's with Golf Channel.

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