2018 NBA Draft: Lonnie Walker had some technical difficulties with his new Spurs hat

Lonnie Walker IV had one of the better outfits for Wednesday's 2018 NBA Draft in Brooklyn. The former Miami Hurricanes guard went to the San Antonio Spurs with the 18th overall pick and he stunted on most of the competition with a great white suit that was accented by a healthy dose of pink and navy. He tied the look together with some nice accessories, including a funky pair of glasses.

But one accessory that Walker had some trouble with was his draft hat, given to players to be worn immediately after their selection. The reason for the trouble? Walker's awesomely unique haircut, which gives him a little extra height north of the skull. 

That sort of cut doesn't exactly make wearing hats easy, so Walker had to find some way to get the mandatory cap on his head. Or at least on the hair. 

He ultimately made it work by just placing the hat on the top of his hair, which led to a pretty humorous visual as he shook hands on stage. In some photos, it looks like the hat is magically levitating above his head.

On the bright side, at least it helps him avoid any impression marks on his forehead!

Here's Walker sharing some insight into how the hair came to be. 

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