AFC wild-card thoughts

The AFC wild card may look like it’s up for grabs, but it’s all an illusion if you ask the NFL Monday QB crew. The Baltimore Ravens are in limbo after firing offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and the Cincinnati Bengals just aren’t experienced enough. That leaves the black and yellow of the Pittsburgh Steelers to scoop up the wild card.

Ben Roethlisberger is rusty after being out for almost a month, but the Steelers’ defense comes to play every week -- and although they lost, they had some good stops against the San Diego Chargers last Sunday. Also, for a rusty QB, Roethlisberger is looking good after throwing for three touchdowns and making a ton of plays.

With Bengals QB Andy Dalton having played in just one playoff game, Cincy doesn’t have the experience needed to beat a QB, like Roethlisberger, who has won a Super Bowl. Cincy also has a tough final three games on its schedule (at Philadelphia, at Pittsburgh and Baltimore) that could stop the Bengals from successfully grabbing the wild-card spot.

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