Browns bench DeShone Kizer for Cody Kessler again after back-to-back interceptions

From Week 1 starter to getting benched for Cody Kessler to being named starter again to getting benched ... again. The DeShone Kizer-Browns' quarterback carousel continued on Sunday. 

During the Browns' Week 7 matchup with the Titans, the rookie quarterback threw interceptions on consecutive passes. As a result, the Browns decided to bench Kizer for Kessler early in the third quarter of a three-point game.

If that sounds familiar, well, it should. Kizer, who won the starting job heading into the regular season, was benched for last week's game against the Texans after helping the Browns go 0-5 with a completion percentage just over 50 percent, three touchdowns, nine picks, and a 49.5 passer rating. 

"I've made the decision to start Kevin this week. We've liked what Kevin has been able to do within our offense when he's been in there and he will ‪start on Sunday because that's what we feel is best for our team at this point in time," Hue Jackson said in a statement at the time. "This does not change the way we feel about DeShone going forward. He has worked extremely hard and still very much has a bright future. Right now, it's better for him and his development to back up Kevin."

Hogan -- as expected -- struggled against the Texans, posting a 38.1 passer rating in the Browns' sixth loss of the season. So, the Browns made the move back to Kizer ahead of Sunday's game against the Titans.

He didn't last long. Before getting yanked, Kizer went 12 of 20 for 114 yards (5.7 YPA), no touchdowns, two picks, and a 36.2 passer rating. 

Interception No. 1:

Interception No. 2:

Here's your weekly reminder that the Browns have passed on Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson in consecutive drafts. Just don't bring it up to Jackson. 

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