Jay Cutler calls Microsoft Surface tablets 'knockoff iPads'

Jay Cutler must have missed this giant cart on the Bears sideline. (USATSI)
Jay Cutler must have missed this giant cart on the Bears sideline. (USATSI)

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has been using Microsoft's Surface Pro 2 tablet on the sideline for over six weeks now, but apparently, he's still not sure who makes them. During his weekly radio show, Cutler referred to the tablets as 'knockoff iPads.'

Microsoft probably isn't a big fan of that comment. The company is paying the NFL a reported $400 million to be the league's official sideline technology sponsor.

Should Microsoft have spent some of that money teaching Jay Cutler the correct lingo for Microsoft's products? Probably. But don't worry, it's not all bad news for Microsoft. Cutler might not know what the tablets are officially called, but he did give the 'knockoff iPads' a glowing review.

Microsoft has been working hard to get the iPad problem fixed.

A company spokesman told the Los Angeles Times in September that it was working with NFL announcers to make sure they were referring to the tablets by their Microsoft name (Surface Pro 2) and not by Apple's name (iPad).

You can bet that Cutler probably has a phone call coming this week from someone at the NFL reminding him that 'knockoff iPad' isn't a term he should use when referring to a product made by a sponsor that's paying the league $400 million.

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