NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots

PHILADELPHIA -- Sometimes the later free agent signings are the ones that pan out the best. The Philadelphia Eagles may be finding that out with Mekhi Becton, whom they signed after the draft last month.

Becton, a former first-round pick who fell out of favor with the New York Jets, is getting a second chance with the Eagles to save his football career. Wanting to be coached by offensive line guru Jeff Stoutland, Becton figured Philadelphia was the right fit.

What appeared to be a post-draft signing for tackle depth has turned out to become even better for the Eagles. Philadelphia has tried Becton inside at guard, and the massive 6-foot-7, 363-pound Becton is more than holding his own at a new position. 

"It's fun. It's been great," Becton said on Thursday. "It's definitely a different adjustment for me. I never played it before, but it's fun. The action is right there than at tackle. Tackle they get a chance to build their speed up and stuff like that, but guard it's all hand work and you have to be ready to fight right then and there."

With Becton's massive height, he's one of the tallest guards in the NFL. He certainly has this distinct advantage over interior defensive linemen.

"There's no 6-7 guards, so D-tackles are usually used to short people with shorter arms," Becton said. "So I feel like I have an advantage in that with my arms and my arm length and being able to get on them quicker than they're used to somebody getting on them."

The Eagles have an opening at right guard, which Becton certainly is playing his way into earning that job. Still learning the position, Becton will get that chance to compete with Tyler Steen, Matt Hennessy and Max Scharping once the pads come on in seven weeks. 

Filling in for Landon Dickerson at left guard at mandatory minicamp, Becton more than held his own at the position. 

"I'm always the type to be open to whatever," Becton said on the transition to guard. "Then when you have a coach like Coach Stoutland and the way he treats his players and the way he talks to them you'll do whatever for him. 

"He came up to me with the opportunity, I was open for it. I like to try new things anyway."

Of course, Becton is here for one year. He's looking for a longer stay with an organization that already appears to have massive plans for him. 

"I would love for it to be long term. I'm definitely looking for it to being long term," Becton said. "I love the city of Philly, I love the people here, I love the fans, it's great. I hope it's long term."