Peyton Manning's 'Omaha' calls nets charity $24K

Peyton Manning's 'Omaha' calls netted his charity some money.
Peyton Manning's 'Omaha' calls netted his charity some money. (USATSI)

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All week long we've constantly heard about Peyton Manning yelling "OMAHA!" at the line of scrimmage in the Broncos victory over the Chargers. It got so big that the city announced it would donate money for every time Manning said the word on Sunday

He said it a lot in the Broncos' 26-16 win over the Patriots for the AFC title. And all the noise from the line of scrimmage ended up netting Manning's Peyback Foundation a $24,800 check.

It sure felt like Manning shouted Omaha more than 31 times, but we'll defer to the official record keepers at the mothership. 

Of course, Manning also yelled a bunch of other stuff as well. I'm definitely sure he yelled "BEAR!" a few times and I'm fairly certain he screamed "GRAPES!" at least once.

As good as Manning was through the air, his finest performance was perhaps at the line, where his calls left everyone riveted and confused. And, in the case of Omaha, at least $24K poorer. 

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