LOOK: UFC fans blast wrong Jon Jones on Twitter, but he counters with solid joke

UFC fans were understandably angry when news broke that Jon Jones had failed another drug test, this time at UFC 214. One of the sport's most popular fighters, Jones is just a month removed from completing a one-year USADA suspension after testing positive for banned substances clomiphene and letrozol.

The UFC light heavyweight champion, who regained his title with a TKO of Daniel Cormier less than a month ago, tested positive for a banned substance stemming from an in-competition sample collected immediately following the UFC 214 weigh-in on July 28.

So fans went where they normally go to air their hostile grievances -- Twitter. They spit hot fire at Jones in multiple forms, publicly shaming him for letting them down.

There was just one problem -- @jonjones is not the UFC fighter's Twitter handle. This Jon Jones is a self-proclaimed "tech geek, cat fancier and author" from Brooklyn. Jon Jones, the fighter, goes by @Jonnybones. Whoops.

Jones the cat fancier took some delight in all the hate, retweeting several of his attackers and reveling in the amount of attention his account received as a result of the mixup.


So let this be a lesson to you all. Next time you want to demean a professional athlete from the safety of your own keyboard, at least make sure it's the right person -- especially if they have a name as common as Jon Jones.

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