Johnny Manziel has been out of professional football for more than two years. A series of off-field incidents including but not limited to alleged domestic violence committed against his former girlfriend and reportedly rampant abuse of alcohol and drugs have kept Manziel away from the game, but he's recently been attempting to work his way back into the NFL. 

The most recent step in that attempt was throwing passes in front of league scouts at the University of San Diego's pro day. 

According to ESPN's Eric Williams, 13 teams showed up to the pro day and saw Manziel in action. (It should be noted that it's entirely possible those 13 teams were merely there scouting players from USD and just happened to see Manziel, as opposed to being there to see Manziel specifically.) 

Let's check in on the present and future quarterback situations of those 13 teams: 

So, there's probably not a ton of opportunity there for Johnny Football. There are only a few teams on that list with unsettled "quarterback of the future" situations, and three of those teams seem likely to draft quarterbacks. Maybe the Patriots or Chargers give him a shot; but if there's any player that fits the Patriots' philosophy less than Manziel does, I've yet to see him, and the Chargers have shown little to make us believe they're getting ready to move on from Rivers anytime soon. 

Given how teams feel about "distractions" at backup quarterback, it's hard to see anyone giving Manziel that role, but stranger things have happened in the past. He was a first-round pick only a few years ago, and if he impresses in spring league games a few weeks from now, it's theoretically possible that someone could invite him to camp this summer.