IMPORTANT: David Booth hit in groin while walking on slack line

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There is no such thing as a dull offseason around Vancouver Canucks forward David Booth. Whether it's his hunting exploits or training methods, there's always something interesting ... and often times there's something going wrong.

It's with that we join Booth in his latest summer exercise ... walking a slack line. Stay to the end, it's worth the payoff.


Haven't we seen enough shots to the jewels in hockey this postseason? Who knew you need a cup in your offseason work too? Though this does confirm something we did know: man getting hit in groin is always funny, just ask every winner of America's Funniest Home Videos.

For maximum schaudenfreude effect here is a GIF of the moment of impact via Pete Blackburn. Just watch his face, the poor guy.

S/t Pass it to Bulis

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