Andrew Miller's NCAA bracket is a study in boldness

Andrew MillerLefty Andrew Miller is representing his Boston Red Sox in MLB's Bracket Challenge, in which a representative from each team (or, in the Rockies' case, the hive mind of Jason Giambi and Troy Tulowitzki--how was this permitted?) fills out an NCAA men's bracket right here at and thus subjects himself to unceasing glory or boundless ridicule.

Not surpisingly, a survey of the 30 brackets in question reveals shocking levels of risk-aversion. For instance, almost half of the combatants picked Kentucky, the top overall seed, to win it all, and a number of brackets tabbed all four number-one seeds to make it to New Orleans. So by the established standards of baseball players predicting basketball games, Miller's bracket qualifies as a study in disregard for social norms. Admire his Final Four choices:

Andrew Miller's Bracket

Sure, points off for being a homer and picking his alma mater to win it all, but seven-seed Florida coming out of the West? And four-seed Indiana sans starting point guard? Brazen fearlessness.

Did you, in making your selections, match the undaunted personal courage of Andrew Miller? Surely not ...
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