VIDEO: Google Glass baseball app looks awesome

As time moves on, we're going to see more and more baseball apps for phones or tablets that will enhance the ballpark experience for those fans wanting to get as much information as possible. With phones and tablets, however, you have to be holding the device.

Google Glass is eyewear. And with the app called Blue, here's what watching a baseball game would be like -- from a few different views of AT&T Park as examples:


Even if you don't want to watch the video, you can see above that the app tells pitch type and speed in real time. It also shows the result when the ball is put in play (example: Home run). And, again, this is eyewear. You are just looking at the game and seeing the numbers in the upper-right corner.

Technology just keeps getting more amazing, no?

For those unfamiliar with Google Glass, go check out the explanation on CNET.

Now where are we on those flying cars? Back to the Future II told us they'd be mainstreamed by 2015. Get there, pronto, inventors!

[As an aside, I just realized we're almost to the actual year that was 30 years in the future from when I first saw Back to the Future. Sigh.]

Hat-tip: Engadget

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