VIDEO: Roberto Luongo talks Twitter account, when bowels attack

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The fact Roberto Luongo is behind the Twitter account @Strombone1 has been the NHL's worst-kept secret for some time. The Canucks goalie, who has been in the middle of trade speculation for months, has been having a lot of fun on a Twitter account that was technically anonymous.

He's come close in the past to admitting what we all know, that it really is him. But never as close as he did Saturday night on After Hours on CBC. Other than saying "it's me," you can't get much more confirmation than this.

The highlight of the interview? Well, besides Luongo's candidness, it has to be the retelling of the story when he missed the first few minutes of overtime because he was betrayed by his own bowels.

The point is, I don't think we have to pretend anymore that @strombone1 is "believed to be Roberto Luongo's Twitter account." He pretty much confirmed it in all its awesome and often sardonic and sarcastic glory.

S/t to JT Bourne

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