Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury 2 fight results: 'Gypsy King' obliterates the 'Bronze Bomber' for TKO win

LAS VEGAS -- Unable to complete one of the greatest comeback stories in sports history when he settled for a disputed draw against Deontay Wilder in their first meeting, Tyson Fury made the bold claim that he would take the fight out of the judges' hands. 

Mission accomplished. 

In one-sided and brutal fashion, the defensive boxing Fury transformed into the puncher to score a pair of knockdowns before finishing Deontay Wilder in their rematch at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Wilder's corner threw in the towel in Round 7 at 1:39 as a weary Wilder was battered from pillar to post. 

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Fury (30-0-1, 23 KOs) defended his lineal title and added Wilder's WBC title to his growing legend. The former three-belt champion who once upset Wladimir Klitschko in 2015 before a nearly three-year retirement fueled by substance abuse, obesity and mental health, Fury put a capstone on his tremendous personal comeback. 

To do so, Fury boldly walked down possibly the biggest puncher in the sport's history and battered the bully in Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs), just like he said he would, and exposed the limited technical ability of the "Bronze Bomber."

"The king has returned," Fury said in front of his adoring crowd. "I just want to say a big shout out to Deontay Wilder. He came here tonight, he manned up and he showed the heart of a champion. He is a warrior, he will be back and he will be a champion again."

Fury was pure entertainment from start to close. He came out wearing a crown on a throne to the tune of "Crazy" by Patsy Cline. He then closed the post fight festivities inside the ring by serenading the crowd with his own rendition of "American Pie" by Don Maclean.

In a fight storyline eerily reminiscent to Muhammad Ali's upset KO of George Foreman in 1974's "Rumble in the Jungle," Fury wore down Wilder from start to finish with clean punches. He also used his 43-pound weight advantage to clinch and lean all over Wilder and take away his gas tank.

"Things like this happen. The best man won," Wilder said. "My coach threw in the towel and I was ready to go out on my shield. I make no excuses tonight. I just wish that my corner would've let me go out on my shield. I'm a warrior."

It remains to be seen whether Fury, a fighter of Irish Traveller descent who was born in England, will get a chance in 2020 to become undisputed champion against unified king Anthony Joshua -- the British megastar who reclaimed his trio of titles by defeating Andy Ruiz Jr. in their fall rematch. The major stopping block is the potential of a trilogy bout against Wilder who has 30 days to force a mandatory rematch. 

"This is what big-time boxing is all about. The best must fight the best," Wilder said. "Even the greatest have lost and came back. I have no excuses tonight and we will come back even stronger next time."

Outside of some hard jabs and counter right hands to regain respect, Wilder was really never in the fight. He was dropped in Round 3 on a big right hand to the side of the head and succumbed two rounds later due to a left hook to the body that dropped him. Fury took Wilder's right hands well by moving with the punches and never found himself in any trouble.

Fury outlanded Wilder 82-34 in total punches and out-threw the Alabama-native 267-141, according to CompuBox. Fury landed at a 30% clip while Wilder landed 24%. Fury landed 58 power punches in less than seven rounds of action after landing just 38 in the first meeting.

CBS Sports was with you for every punch from the bout in Las Vegas with our live scorecard and constant updates below.

Wilder vs. Fury 2 card, results

Tyson Fury (c) def. Deontay Wilder via seventh-round TKO (corner stoppage)
Charles Martin def. Gerald Washington via sixth-round knockout
Emanuel Navarrete (c) def. Jeo Santisima via 11th-round TKO
Sebastian Fundora def. Daniel Lewis via unanimous decision (97-93, 98-92, 99-91)

Wilder vs. Fury 2 scorecard, live coverage


Wilder (c)

















Live updates
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Fury called the knockout and he delivered. TKO7 over Wilder. WHAT A PERFORMANCE.

R7: Big left hook backs Wilder up on the ropes. The towel is thrown!!!!!

ROUND 7: Starting to wonder whether Wilder's team might be looking to save him and stop this fight. It has been that brutal and Wilder is not looking good on his feet. The round starts slow and a right hand from Fury snaps Wilder's head.

Not sure what is keeping Wilder up right now. He is getting absolutely battered.

R6: Fury dominated the entire round. 10-9 Fury.

R6: Hard right hand to the body from Fury. Big jab snaps Wilder's head back. Fury leaning and mauling. Rinse and repeat.

R6: Wilder has been pinned in the corner this entire round and Fury is making him pay at close range. This has been masterful.

R6: Fury all over Wilder in the corner. He lands a right hand and leans on him over and over. Wilder isn't giving up but he appears to be bleeding from his ear and doesn't have his legs fully under him. He's still throwing uppercuts from the clinch.

ROUND 6: Big combo early from Fury. He goes hard to the body and Wilder is holding on for dear life. He's getting his tail kicked in shocking fashion here.

R5: Fury warned very harshly by Bayless for using his forearm. This has been another dominant round and he closes it with a flurry and lands a hard jab after the bell. 10-8 Fury.

R5: Fury corners him and goes to the body again before leaning all over an exhausted Wilder. Nice combo from Fury to make Wilder lean back deep on the ropes.

R5: Fury rocks Wilder into the ropes, which held him up. Back comes Fury to maul him and lean and do whatever he wants. Wilder in a bad way.

R5: Fury leaning all over Wilder at every turn. This is from the Wladimir Klitschko playbook. Left hook to the body and down goes Wilder!

ROUND 5: Fury hurts Wilder early with a right. They brawl from the clinch until Bayless can separate them. These are big men in there. Nice work inside from Fury in the clinch. He is bullying Wilder.

I've got it 40-35 for Fury through four rounds.

R4: Fury backs him up and lands a right hand before another clinch. Bayless has his hands full. Nice right hand from Wilder before the bell but Fury took it clean. 10-9 Fury.

R4: Fury tying up and leaning at will here hoping the size advantage will tire Wilder out. Crowd starting to boo just a bit. They want action.

R4: Nice right counter from Wilder to keep Fury honest. A stiff jab now from Wilder. Fury being careful. He backs Wilder up and flurries to the body before Bayless breaks them apart.

R4: Fury stays on the attack with right hands. This is incredible. He added more muscle and is beating Wilder at every turn.

R4: Nice combo from Fury caught Wilder backing up with his hands down. Fury misses a right hand and Wilder slips trying to get out of the way. He is all sorts of lost right now.

ROUND 4: They tie up early and Bayless calls time to warn both to stop wrestling and being dirty.

R3: Fury flurries again and Wilder is down but Bayless rules it a slip. Huge round for Fury as he stares Wilder down. 10-8 Fury.

R3: Down goes Wilder on a big right hand!

R3: Fury walks him down and lands another right before tying up. This is every thing he said he would do.

R3: Another big right cross for Fury! He has Wilder reaching and unsure. Fury leans in with a right and ties Wilder up before he can answer.

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